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In our school Foundation class is called Little Owls.  The class is taught by Mrs Harvey, with Miss Roberts and Miss Davis.

Spring 1- Transport


Please ensure that your child has a named PE Kit that is left on their peg at all times. Please include outdoor shoes e.g. trainers for outside and plimsoles for indoor PE.  PE is happening every day within the context of the foundation stage curriculum, but our timetabled PE session will be on Friday afternoon. (The process of changing into their PE kits is as important for their personal development as the actual PE session itself!).  PE kits will go home for washing at the end of a half term, approximately every 6 weeks.  Please give your children the opportunity to dress and undress themselves as much as possible, it will make a huge difference to their independence and sense of success when getting changed for PE.


Please ask your child to put their book bag into their drawer each morning so that they can put their work in it and for us to include letters etc.

Show and Share

Each Monday afternoon we have a ‘Show and Share’ sessions. Please encourage your children to either bring an item in that they are interested in (anything within reason!) or to have some news they would like to talk about – perhaps something that happened over the weekend. The more meaningful this is to them the better, as we encourage the children to talk and listen to each other in a small group activity.


Phonics begins with ‘Jolly Phonics’, a visual, kinaesthetic and auditory approach to introduce children to initial sounds.  Children will learn songs from ‘Jolly Phonics’ alongside ‘Letters and Sounds’ to give an all-round approach to phonics.  The phonics being taught each week are displayed on a poster in the classroom window.  Please talk to your children about their learning.

Nosey Bear

Our Teddy Bear ‘Nosey’ will be given to each child in turn on a Friday to spend the weekend with them and their family.  Please look at the guidance on the inside cover of the journal that accompanies him.  Please return Nosey and the journal on a Monday so your child has the opportunity to show and tell us what adventures he has had.  Photographs are welcome but NOT compulsory; a picture drawn by your child with text scribed by you until their writing develops will suffice.

Mrs Harvey