Secondary Transfer Information


Following the meeting on Thursday evening you can now view the information slides here. Please note these apply to the current Year 5 cohort.

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Good luck, Mrs Place!


We are sending all our luck and best wishes to Mrs Place this week as she ventures throughout half term on her fundraising walk. There is still time to show your support for this very worthy cause at www.justgiving.com/fundraising/home-from-home-2017. Family and friends saw Mrs Place off to a good start as you can see!

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Great News!


We have now received the report from our Diocesan review visit in February and we are delighted with the feedback. A copy of the report is available to view here. Thank you to all the children, staff and parents for their hard work and support and making our school community so successful.

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France 2018


Preparations have begun for our next residential trip to France in 2018 when the current Years 4 and 5 will be venturing over the channel as Years 5 and 6 in 18 months time. If you were unable to attend the meeting you can view the slides here and the handout here. As always, please [...]

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The High Sheriff is in town!


We were honoured to have the High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, Mrs Milly Soames, visit our school today. She enjoyed a tour of both sites where lots of the children were keen to talk about their learning and share what they were doing. Mrs Soames talked about her role and the work that she does across [...]

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Sweet Science


Year 5 are carrying out experiments to collect data and statistics over time, exploring different materials and how their form can be changed. This experiment involved investigating how the temperature of water affected the time it takes for sugar to dissolve. Do you think the cold, warm or boiling water dissolved the sugar first? Do [...]

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Revolting Recipes


Year 3 and 4 invited their parents to a grand Autumn term topic finale for a tea party inspired by Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes. Instead of serving up Dragon's Blood and Bird Poo, they decided to share their culinary expertise and had a menu consisting of Wonka Chocolate Hat Lollies, Cheesy Walking Sticks, Tomato Pin Wheels and Twit's Krispie [...]

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Groovy Greek Finale


After a day of themed activities, Years 5 and 6 rounded off their Autumn term topic by performing their Greek dances and a version of the Hercules story which they had written in rhyme! Greek refreshments went down very well and the children's costumes, although a little chilly, were the icing on the cake. Thank [...]

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