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Evacuation Day


Years 5 and 6 were evacuated to Cuddington on 20th March.  They took part in a variety of activities including rationing, first aid and code breaking.  We would like to thank local historian, Mr. Wenham for a fascinating talk on evacuees in Cuddington and the Reverend Richard Phillips, for his 1940's sermon at Nether [...]

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Heroes and Villains Catwalk Spectacular


Click edit button to change this text. As part of the Hero and Villain topic, Years 5 and 6 have been working hard all term, imagining and designing their own superhero or villain character, about whom they have written stories, created  a comic book and made their own costume. As their topic finale, [...]

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The Making of Harry Potter: Year 5 and 6.


Children's thoughts from the day: "I found the pumpkins in the Great Hall amazing, I've never seen it dressed with pumpkins before." "It was so much fun, I'll definitely come again!" "Just standing next to the Hogwarts Express, even though it wasn't the real thing, was incredible." "Best school trip ever!" "The spiders [...]

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Secondary Transfer Information


Following the meeting on Thursday evening you can now view the information slides here. Please note these apply to the current Year 5 cohort.

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Sweet Science


Year 5 are carrying out experiments to collect data and statistics over time, exploring different materials and how their form can be changed. This experiment involved investigating how the temperature of water affected the time it takes for sugar to dissolve. Do you think the cold, warm or boiling water dissolved the sugar first? Do [...]

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Groovy Greek Finale


After a day of themed activities, Years 5 and 6 rounded off their Autumn term topic by performing their Greek dances and a version of the Hercules story which they had written in rhyme! Greek refreshments went down very well and the children's costumes, although a little chilly, were the icing on the cake. Thank [...]

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Marathon Mayhem


On Monday, Years 5 and 6 re-enacted the Battle of Marathon as part of their Ancient Greek history topic. Like true warriors we braved the weather although the drizzle did limit the effectiveness of our newspaper weaponry. We are pleased to announce that despite the Athenians being hugely outnumbered again, no serious injury was sustained beyond [...]

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