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Autumn 2 – Out of this World

This term we will be looking at the night sky and beyond. We will
look at the different celebrations we celebrate at this time of year
e.g. Diwali, Bonfire night and Christmas. These involve lighting up
the sky with fireworks or lights on trees at Christmas. We will
discover how and why people celebrate these occasions and learn
about the different ways we celebrate the same events. We will
look beyond the night sky to Space and planets and enjoy creating
out owns planets and moons. We will look at where we are in
Cuddington and England, Europe, The Globe and finally in the solar
system. We will look at rockets being launched into space and how
you can wash your hair or have a meal on the International Space
Station! This is a very exciting topic to explore with the children
and if they have books they would like to share with us on the
subject of space they can be brought into school where they will live
for a short time while I share them with the class.

Mrs Harvey

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