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Summer Term – Elizabeth I v Elizabeth II

This term, the children’s topic is ‘Inventors’. Design and Technology will begin our journey into our topic, and the children will be investigating different mechanisms. They will learn how to design, make, and evaluate a moving product and how inventions have impacted our daily lives. They will discover how the world today came to be by looking at several famous inventors and their inventions. In Geography, the children will build upon the knowledge they gained about our local area and use that knowledge to help them understand the countries within the UK. We will delve into each country in detail and recognise landmarks, capital cities and other important features of the cities. In Science, we will be learning about Animals including Humans to enable the children to recognise different types of animals and their features and structures. They will label the body parts for both animals and humans and will recognise different types of diet. As we enter the second half of the Spring term, our focus on inventors will increase as we move to our History project. The children will learn about significant individuals, and we will document our research chronologically, comparing inventions and many inventors. The children will also learn about light and will know that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.

Lost property

Please can I ask that you ensure all your child’s clothing is clearly named. Having them clearly named helps us to ensure pieces do not go missing. It will also help other parents to return items, in the event of their child taking home another person’s belongings.

Spellings – updated Jan 2022

Our approach to spellings has changed and now, rather than sending home a list of spellings each week, I would like you to use the phonics reading book to inform you. There is a section at the back of the book, ‘Segmenting for spelling’, which I would like you and your child to use. This section suggests tasks which use the words from the front of the book. Whilst these activities are for the words in section 2, which are the decodable words, it would also be very useful for your child to practise spelling the tricky words too.

We will not have a spelling test every Friday. Rather than this, we will be looking for evidence within the children’s writing within English and other subjects as our form of assessment, so it is still important for every child to continue to practise spelling at home. We will practise spelling these words in school, within phonics, but the more they practise the easier they will find it.

Although we will not have a spelling test every Friday, I will still complete a spelling check during the half term. This may be once a half term or twice and is dependent on the rate at which we move through Bug Club Phonics. This will be used as a form of assessment alongside phonics to ensure that the children are making progress with both their reading and spelling.


The children will have daily phonics lessons and will be regularly assessed. In our new phonics scheme, Bug Club Phonics, we follow a systematic synthetic approach to our phonics teaching which means that the children’s reading books will link to the phonics they are learning in school.

Reading books

In KS1, the children will have two books for the week. One will be a book of their choice, from the library, and the other will be a phonics-based book. Due to our new phonics programme, the phonics-based book will help your child practise the graphemes they are learning in school. It is vital that the children become fluent in reading words with the graphemes they learn, so practising to read their phonics book is important for them.

Please can I ask that all books are returned to school so we can send new ones home with your child. The children will not bring new books home unless they have returned the ones they had.


Library will now be on a Wednesday.

Learning Logs and MyMaths

Homework will alternate between a learning log task and MyMaths. Your child will bring their learning log home every other week and during the week they do not, they will have MyMaths tasks.

The learning logs are used at home but still follow the expectations of work completed within the classroom. Your child should use a pencil to write with and their work should be completed neatly and carefully. We want the children to feel proud of the work they do at home.

All homework will go home on a Friday and will need to be completed by the following Friday.


PE kits need to come into school on a Monday and will be sent home on a Friday to be washed.

This term, we have PE on a Tuesday and a Wednesday.

Thank you for your continuing support,

Miss Holdford

Home Learning – if isolating due to Covid-19

We are providing ten days of home learning tasks for any child has to isolate at home due to Covid-19.  Work can be sent to your teacher through

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