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Autumn Term – Houses and Homes

This term, the children will be looking at the countries that make up the United Kingdom and where Cuddington is in relation to other places they know. We will also be looking into different houses and homes around the world, exploring how and why they are built and who might be living in them. We will be looking into what an architect is and the difference between an architect and architecture. They will be able to explain why they like certain buildings thinking about their purpose and whether the architect has designed the building for that purpose. We will investigate changes within living memory around the local area and how the village of Cuddington has changed in recent years.

Lost property

Please can I ask that you ensure all your child’s clothing is clearly named. Having them clearly named helps us to ensure pieces do not go missing. It will also help other parents to return items, in the event of their child taking home another person’s belongings.


Every Friday a new set of spellings will be posted on the school website. The children will be tested on their previous spellings in the morning of that Friday. As much as it is a spellings ‘test’ we don’t put pressure on the children but simply encourage them to do the best they can do. During this test, we will encourage the children to use their phonics knowledge. The process of breaking down the words into sounds will be modelled to the children.


The children will have daily phonics lessons and will be regularly assessed. In our new phonics scheme, Bug Club Phonics, we follow a systematic synthetic approach to our phonics teaching which means that the children’s reading books and spelling lists will link to the phonics they are learning in school.

Reading books

In KS1, the children will have two books for the week. One will be a book of their choice, from the library, and the other will be a phonics-based book. Due to our new phonics programme, the phonics-based book will help your child practise the graphemes they are learning in school. It is vital that the children become fluent in reading words with the graphemes they learn, so practising to read their phonics book is important for them.

Please can I ask that all books are returned to school so we can send new ones home with your child. The children will not bring new books home unless they have returned the ones they had.

Learning Logs and MyMaths

Homework will alternate between a learning log task and MyMaths. Your child will bring their learning log home every other week and during the week they do not, they will have MyMaths tasks.

The learning logs are used at home but still follow the expectations of work completed within the classroom. Your child should use a pencil to write with and their work should be completed neatly and carefully. We want the children to feel proud of the work they do at home.

All homework will go home on a Friday and will need to be completed by the following Friday.


PE kits need to come into school on a Monday and will be sent home on a Friday to be washed.

This term, we have PE on a Tuesday and a Wednesday.

Thank you for your continuing support,

Miss Holdford

Home Learning – if isolating due to Covid-19

We are providing ten days of home learning tasks for any child has to isolate at home due to Covid-19.  Work can be sent to your teacher through

Remote Education at Cuddington and Dinton offer

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