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Year 1

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Autumn TermFamous People and Inventors 

The children will be going back in time for our Autumn term, discovering how the world today came to be by looking at several famous inventors and their inventions. Leonardo Da Vinci will begin our journey and the children will learn about his incredible ideas and how he is still, to this day, a significant individual. We will document our research chronological, comparing inventions and many other inventors.  Art and Design Technology will drive the first half term.  Children will use Da Vinci’s paintings and sketches to enhance their own skills and influence their ideas.  They will create short stories, fact-files and instructions about inventors and inventions.  History and Science will lead us following half term.  Children will focus on female scientists, for example, Mary Anning and Ada Lovelace and learn about how their achievements have impacted the world.

Further details about Year 1

Year 1 is an exciting time for all the children as they come back from their summer holidays looking taller, wiser and ready for the challenges they will face.  This is their first year of the National Curriculum, moving on from EYFS in Foundation.  Within Year 1, children develop the skills they will need throughout their school life; we will do this in a fun and engaging way.  Children will continue to learn through play, drama and hands on activities.

Every morning the children have lessons in maths, English and phonics.  Phonics continues to plays an integral part of the curriculum; nearing the end of the year all children will take part in the National Phonics Screening Check.  Within the phonics lesson we start introducing alternative spellings for sounds and learn a range of new graphemes including the split digraphs.  The children will develop their speed at blending words and start to choose the right graphemes when spelling.

Every Monday afternoon children will receive new spellings, as well as being tested on spellings just learnt.  The spelling test is completed on the back of the sheet that is sent home, thus enabling parents to see their child’s score and to continue practising those spellings if necessary.  As much as it is a spellings ‘test’ we don’t put pressure on the children but simply encourage them to do the best they can do.

After October half term, children will begin to take home their new Learning Log books.  This is their ‘homework’ task book.  Each week there will be a sticker inside detailing the home learning that is to take place that week, it will generally alternate between a ‘topic’ homework or a ‘MyMaths’ homework.  The Learning Logs are used at home but still follow the expectations of work completed within the classroom e.g. ensuring they use a pencil to write with and that their work is presented neatly and carefully.  We want the children to feel proud of the work they do at home and enjoy using their books.

Children will have the opportunity to change their reading books on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We really encourage you to read with your child at home, discuss any new vocabulary and talk about the book they have read.  Reading plays a huge part in learning and we strongly encourage you to be a part of this.

The children will have PE lessons on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, please name all PE clothes- it is amazing how many unnamed items of clothing we collect!

Within Year 1 we try to pair up with Year 2 as often as we can and deliver lessons as a key stage.  The children enjoy having the opportunity to work with the Year 2’s and they learn from each other.

In Year 1 children are introduced to the ‘peg system’ for behaviour management. This is a system where all children have their name on a peg which is placed on a seven tiered table. The children’s names can move up or down throughout the day depending on their behaviour.  At the end of the day any children who have moved their names up receive credits, any that have moved down loose minutes from their Golden Time (Golden Time is on a Wednesday afternoon).

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