As a school spread across two locations we understand the importance of regular and accessible forms of communication. We also aim to be as paper-free as possible.

The majority of our communication is done electronically, for your convenience through our parent email and payments provider, Schoolcomms, or this website, created and hosted by Shared Creative. Access and use of Schoolcomms, and its associated portal, is organised when you join the school and provide your contact information. Click here to visit the School Gateway website or here for guidance on registration.

For a glimpse into a regular school day, including school trips we use Twitter @CDSUpdate; and for fundraising @F4cads. @CDSUpdate is a secure feed for which you require registration approval therefore safeguarding photographs and information about our pupils. @F4cads is an open feed used for publicity regarding school fundraising events and supporters.

If you are not yet a @CDSUpdate follower, click here to download a registration form and follow the included guidance.

Our main school office, based at the Infant site in Cuddington, can forward any emails or phone calls to staff across both sites as required either via or 01844 291 206.

Despite all this use of technology we always welcome a letter or chat regarding your queries or concerns so please do feel that you can still approach our staff in person.