Cuddington & Dinton Church of England School has an active governing body which is involved in supporting the staff, pupils and parents of the school to achieve the highest levels of excellence in the education for our pupils.

The school governors are described in our ‘Instrument of Government’.

The Chair of Governors is Vicky Shenton.

Mal Caudren chairs the Teaching & Learning Committee (TLSA) and Will Rysdale chairs the Finance, Premises & Personnel Committee (FP&P).

The Governing Body has six meetings a year, alternating between formal and strategy meetings. Governors are either members of the Teaching, Learning, Safeguarding and Admission (TLSA) committee or the Finance, Premises and Personnel committee (FP&P).  Each committee meets approximately every half term. Every Governor is welcome to attend all committees.

Vicky Shenton
Vicky ShentonChair of Governors
Will Rysdale
Will RysdaleChair of FP&P
Malcolm Caudren
Malcolm CaudrenChair of TLSA
Giles Ecott
Giles EcottTLSA
Alan Atkinson
Alan AtkinsonFP&P
Rev. Phil Groves
Rev. Phil GrovesTLSA
Allie Lewis
Allie LewisTLSA
Catherine Ghouse
Catherine GhouseTLSA & Safeguarding Governor
Caroline StonhamFP&P
Nicola Wilde
Nicola WildeHeadteacher
Julie Bowman
Julie BowmanStaff Governor
Ruth NewellClerk to Governors