Typical School Day Timings

To allow time for families to travel between sites, the timings are staggered between Infant and Junior.  The total hours we are teaching in a typical school week is 32.5 hours.

Infant site – Cuddington

The Infant site gate is open each morning at 8:35 – 8:45, allowing a flexible 10-minute drop off.

The class teacher takes the register prompt at 8:45

Playtime is at 10:30

Lunchtime 12:15 – 1:15

The school day finishes at 3:15 with children collected from the playground.

Junior site – Dinton

The Junior gate opens from 8:45 – 8:55 with registration prompt at 8:55

Playtime for year 3 and 4 is 10:05. Playtime for year 5 and 6 is 11:00

Lunchtime 12:30 – 1:30

The school day finishes at 3:25 with children collected from the playground.  Year 5 and 6 pupils with written permission may walk to the village green to be collected by parents.

School Bus

Children who live in catchment are entitled to travel on the school bus the term after their fifth birthday.
Children with an EHCP will have to be risk assessed by the SEN team at County before they can travel on the school bus.
Other SEN and medical needs will be risk assessed by the school. Advice will be sought from medical practitioners and SEN advisers at County. We will then inform the parents if it is safe for the child to travel on the bus.
If children misbehave on the school bus, the school reserves the right to not allow the pupils to travel on the bus for a designated time.
When travelling on the County provided bus service, there is not adult supervising these children. However, there are occasions when a member of school staff travels on the bus to supervise the Exposure Sports club children travelling from the Infants to the Juniors. Please note that this is not every day.