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I just wanted to say thank you for inviting me to today’s Christmas Service.  I am always so impressed by the atmosphere in school and church and I think that is in a large way due to your constant smile and little jokes.   It really feels like a family rather than a school.  It is clear that you and all the teachers really care about each and every child and I love that every adult know every child by name. Year 5 Parent

Firstly I want to say how wonderful last nights Carol Service was, it was extremely well done and the children were just amazing. I now feel very christmassy. Year 5 Parent

Thank you for sharing the School’s vision. My wife and I feel so blessed that our son is at the school and feel the teaching, warmth and guidance he receives are second to none. He is really blooming and we do thank you for it. I really believe the message given to the children will put them in the best position to take on life’s challenges in the right way. Year 2 Parent

During Open session the “class were brilliant this morning and it was really great to see them all doing phonics. The teacher seems like a really positive interactive teacher and the kids all seem to really enjoy it, what a great start in life!”  Year 1 Parent

“Yourself and the school have supported and helped my child so much, it’s a pleasure to be able to give something back. This is why I joined the F4CADs committee.”   Year 5 Parent

A big thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity for the kids in going to France. My son had an amazing time and looks like everyone else did too – it was really lovely as a parent to see them all enjoying themselves so much doing all the activities via the twitter feed too so thank you for keeping us posted with all these pics.
Please pass on our thanks to all of the teachers who gave their time and energies to making it such a memorable trip.

Year 6 Parent

I  just wanted to say a very big thank you for looking after the children so wonderfully in France.  My son had an absolutely fantastic time and loved every minute (although not hugely impressed with the frogs legs!), I think it has been a really valuable experience for him and something to build on over the summer holidays and before ‘big school’!
I do hope you had fun too; the time and effort you put into making their time away as enjoyable as possible is greatly appreciated.  Cuddington and Dinton is a great school and we will miss it greatly but will have some wonderful memories of our son’s time there as well.

Just a quick note to say as a Governor, I was immensely proud of the CADS children at Chuf FEST.

I am sure the girls in year six who took part in the talent competition will be sharing their trophies on Friday, we only had two trophies, but it they all did so fantastically well, we have another two on order, as all four were winners in the judges eyes. (Please let them know they will have them after half term)

It wasn’t just the talent competition, but also the amazing behaviour of all the children. Many of the activities were unmanned and it was wonderful to see the older children looking after the younger ones. Most notably we had a beat the goalie (a set of hoops hung in the goal), which was also unmanned. To see Yr 5 boys, waiting patiently in a line for their turn and encouraging each other, with no adult supervising. You couldn’t ask for more!

As the organiser of ChufFEST, it was the children that made it all worthwhile. Please pass on my heartfelt thank you.

I just wanted to say “thank you” as a proud parent.  To witness my son on stage dancing to the music! Well…I just never expected that to happen!
It was his favourite part of the day,  so thank you for all your hard work.
When I think of all the times he hasn’t wanted to join in and at the music concert he hid under the stage in fear! To see him up on stage dancing was a huge accomplishment for him personally and a surprise for me as he didn’t tell me what to expect!
1002, 2018

Sports Leader Conference, thanks from a parent.

“Please can you pass on my thanks to Mrs Arnott for taking the sports leaders to Stoke Mandeville Stadium yesterday. Amelia had a fantastic time and didn’t stop talking about it all evening. Sounds like they had a great time and experienced some brilliant term work skills, in particular Amelia loved the tower building out of newspaper!”

502, 2018

Parent Forum

We hold termly Parent Forum meetings, where representatives from each year group meet to discuss and questions aspects of life at CDS.  Following our last meeting one parent representative commented:
“Just a quick note to say
It was such a privilege to be part of the juniors assembly on Friday.
So amazing to see how the children’s achievements and all efforts in activities both in and out of school are openly encouraged and celebrated.
Great stuff!!!!”
2004, 2017

Open Lesson

Please can you pass on our appreciation to Mrs. Price, Mrs. Wilde and Mrs. Place for opening up the Infant Site lessons and showing us the Year 2 and Foundation classes in action last Monday. Both my husband and I got a real insight into how the children are being taught which will enable us to help them better with their homework and supporting their learning at school.

2004, 2017

Echoes Concert – Royal Albert Hall

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the Royal Albert Hall last week. It was such an experience for the children . I appreciate the time you spent working with the children and the sound was amazing. I was very proud. Thank you very much.

403, 2016

Workshop Thanks

This is just a quick note to say a heartfelt thank you for the wonderful English workshop lead by Miss Hiscock, the pace, humour and structure was perfect and very much appreciated.

My feedback back to the school last year, and in fact one of my main motives for applying to be a Governor was to help support the importance for parents to be able to reinforce our children’s learning from school and having close collaboration between teachers and parents.

Having been a teacher  I recognize this was a big ask on top of  Miss Hiscock’s day job, so just wanted to drop this note to you to again pass on my thanks – I’m looking forward to the next one!

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