I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the staff and volunteers who enabled the Years 1 and 2 school trip to take place yesterday. My daughter enjoyed it so much – going somewhere with her school buddies and doing something different on a school day meant so much to her. So glad these trips can happen again and fingers crossed for more to come.

Year 1 parent

Thank you very much for the time you and Mrs Chaplin spent last night (and beforehand in preparation) going through both ‘The Write Stuff’ and ‘spelling shed’ with the parents. It was really interesting and helpful. The children are very lucky to have such a fun and great way to encourage their love of writing. I particularly liked the focus on writing as readers and reading as writers to really understand why writing is good. I’ve learnt more in the last three years, when it comes to English, than I ever did when I was at school!

Year 3 parent

I just wanted to say thank you for inviting me to the Christmas Service.  I am always so impressed by the atmosphere in school and church and I think that is in a large way due to your constant smile and little jokes.   It really feels like a family rather than a school.  It is clear that you and all the teachers really care about each and every child and I love that every adult know every child by name.

A parent

Thank you for sharing the School’s vision. My wife and I feel so blessed that our son is at the school and feel the teaching, warmth and guidance he receives are second to none. He is really blooming and we do thank you for it. I really believe the message given to the children will put them in the best position to take on life’s challenges in the right way. Year 2 Parent

During Open session the “class were brilliant this morning and it was really great to see them all doing phonics. The teacher seems like a really positive interactive teacher and the kids all seem to really enjoy it, what a great start in life!”  Year 1 Parent

“Yourself and the school have supported and helped my child so much, it’s a pleasure to be able to give something back. This is why I joined the F4CADs committee.”   Year 5 Parent

I just wanted to say “thank you” as a proud parent.  To witness my son on stage dancing to the music! Well…I just never expected that to happen!
It was his favourite part of the day,  so thank you for all your hard work.
When I think of all the times he hasn’t wanted to join in and at the music concert he hid under the stage in fear! To see him up on stage dancing was a huge accomplishment for him personally and a surprise for me as he didn’t tell me what to expect!