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Year 4: The digestive system.


Year 4 are learning about the Human Digestive System this term. We used zip-lock bags, tights, cups and bowls to model the journey a banana and crackers would take through the body. After a lot of mess and laughter, we are now looking at comparing our digestive system with that of other animals! [...]

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American hot dogs and banana splits for Year 3 and 4.


To help celebrate the American 'Rocks and Roll' topic Years 3 and 4 enjoyed a shared lunch.  Much preparation went into the day which culminated in a feast of hot dogs, coleslaw, salad, potato wedges, with a banana split for dessert.

American hot dogs and banana splits for Year 3 and 4. 2017-11-06T15:57:27+00:00

Revolting Recipes


Year 3 and 4 invited their parents to a grand Autumn term topic finale for a tea party inspired by Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes. Instead of serving up Dragon's Blood and Bird Poo, they decided to share their culinary expertise and had a menu consisting of Wonka Chocolate Hat Lollies, Cheesy Walking Sticks, Tomato Pin Wheels and Twit's Krispie [...]

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Help Needed!


Dear Parents, Do you have information that might help us? Have you seen anything peculiar written in a strange language? Your School Needs You! Years 3 and 4 have discovered a strange note that was hidden inside a snack box at play time today. The children have briefly written reports with details of what has [...]

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Passionate about Pizza


On Friday 20th May 2016, Years 3 and 4 had an excellent experience making, eating and evaluating their ‘school-made’ pizzas. Across the day, posters were created in groups, which aimed to capture the attention of, and convince, potential buyers to eat their scrumptious pizzas. “There were so many delicious toppings to choose from to make [...]

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Pond Privilege


Year 4 claimed their fundraising prize yesterday and were the first class to venture into the Junior site pond area for a lesson. Some interesting discoveries were made in the water but thankfully only the nets got wet! Lots of maths and science skills were put to good use and everyone is looking forward to their [...]

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Rotten Romans


Years 3 and 4 arrived looking splendid in their home made costumes. Well done all! We have enjoyed a day packed full of exciting Roman related activities and learning. The day began by creating shields which were then painted in our chosen Roman Army colours. The Big Debate took place after break time, when we [...]

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