Years 1 and 2 went on an exciting trip to Science Oxford today (Tuesday 19th March). Each class experienced the thrill of experimenting and making their own discoveries in the Exploration Centre – the thermal imaging camera and the wind speed activity were both firm favourites. The children also participated in the Wow to Wonder show where they were encouraged to contribute by discussing their ideas and sharing observations. Much fun was had by comparing Miss Bailey and Mrs. Clements to an emperor penguin! The third activity included a walk through the centre’s woodland where the children had the opportunity to build a suitable habitat for a wood mouse, look at deer tracks and deer poo (a big favourite!) and search for mini-beasts. Lots of centipedes were found and we all learnt about the difference between centipedes and millipedes – perhaps you could ask your child!

We returned as weary scientists; a little muddy but with smiles and lots of further questions.