Happy Chinese New Year!

Last week the Infant children learnt about and celebrated Chinese New Year. They made traditional lanterns, found out about the different animal years and even did some Chinese dancing. 新年快乐!

Waddesdon Christmas

Visitors to Waddesdon Manor this Christmas must look out for the Christmas Tree our Infant children designed and made. Our contribution to the seasonal decorations will be displayed on the stairs as you exit the Manor tour with an opportunity to vote for your favourite tree. No guesses which…

Diwali Day

We began the morning listening to the story of Rama and Sita and finding out why Diwali is celebrated.  Over the course of the day we all had a try at four different activities:  Making coconut barfi sweets; Indian dancing; making clay diva lamps and exploring Hindu artefacts.  At the end of the day everyone […]

Birthday Celebrations

On Friday, our Infant children toured the lanes of Cuddington with their annual Spring songs and returned to school to perform their country dances, this year marking the Queen’s birthday. Thankfully the weather was kind to us and great fun was had by all. Thank you to all the parents and local residents who supported […]


As part of their ‘Red Alert’ topic, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils had a visit from the police! Our Community Support Officer, Denise, came to talk to the children and answer some of their questions. The children had lots of questions.
Here are some of them:
How many robbers are caught in one year?
Do […]

Easy Riders

The Infant children recently had their scooter training in our playground and around the village. Although the weather was a little on the damp side, the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and picked up on lots of safety tips. Thank you to the team and our staff who weathered the day!

Terrific Trees

Year 1 went outside this week as part of their Science topic. It was a very windy day but we had lots of fun and we were very busy! We were looking at all the different varieties of trees that we could see. We did some bark rubbings using chalk. We also tried to work out […]

Picnic Preparations

Last week in Outdoor learning the children listened to and sang  ‘The Teddy Bears Picnic’. They then worked in pairs to plan everything they would need for a picnic. The next week the children hunted outside for natural objects to ‘make’ their pretend picnic.  They referred to their plans and had lots of fun collecting […]

World Book Day Winners!

Congratulations to our Infant site World Book Day Winners! Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Tiger Lily show off their trophies.

The Big Drip Theatre Show

On Tuesday, 14th April, Year 1 and 2 we’re visited by a touring theatre company. We watched an amazing and interactive show called ‘The Big Drip,’

During the show we were shown that there are many different materials and that you can tell them apart by their properties. We discovered that there is a link between […]