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On 1st April key stage 1 and 2 joined together at Cuddington Church, to tell the story of Easter and share time together.  The service began with Foundation talking about their chicks and explaining how they had hatched them from eggs.  Year 1 shared watercolour pictures they had painted about the story of Jesus at Easter.  Next Year 2 showed decorative pictures telling us about the meaning of Lent.  Year 3 children read some beautiful poems about Jesus’s last journey to Jerusalem.  Now, heading to Year 4, a select few told the story of Palm Sunday, written on palm leaves they had made from hand templates.  Year 5 taught us all about the different easter traditions around the world.  Did you know in Florence, Italy, they celebrate Easter Sunday with an explosion of a cart of gunpowder in-front of the Duomo?  Many children want to go and see this now!  Finally Year 6 read from the Bible story of Easter.  To finish we sang songs and said prayers together.

By Skye and Scott Year 5