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Spring Term  – Smashing Sculpture

Dear Year 6 parents,

During the Spring Term, we will all be sculptors and artists. We will be studying worldwide sculptures from 20,000 BC through the Renaissance, 20th Century Modernism and up to the present. We will begin the term with exploring different materials (from manmade to natural) inspiring the children to create varied forms of sculpture.

Our text will be Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a classic narrative exploring the absurd. It will inspire the children’s creativity both in English and Art as they create imaginative and hilarious dialogue and various forms of poetry. To enhance your child’s learning, if you can, please purchase the book to keep at school.

Over the term, we will be creating sculptures in Modroc, clay and food inspired by some of the greatest sculptors leading to editing and producing an animation of the construction process using computing skills.

In Science, we will be studying Light. The children will investigate mirrors and shiny surfaces; how they alter the direction in which light travels and that when they see objects, light enters the eye. Children contrast reflection and shadow formation. Work in this unit also offers opportunities for children to investigate first-hand refraction, colours of light and the making of a periscope. Science learning will also include the works of key scientific figures like the British scientist Isaac Newton and the invention of the first reflecting telescope.

We begin, in Religious Education, asking Do Clothes Express Beliefs? The children will learn the religious significance behind a range of dress codes (Islamic & Jewish in the main) and will be able to link specific passages from the Qur’an or the Torah to the dress. They will also identify some reasons why people choose to follow dress codes and evaluate appropriately. Additionally, they will be able to show the impact that following a dress code has on the life of a believer. Finally, the children will learn that people follow dress codes for non-religious reasons, and they will discuss the sense of identity created by clothing.

Thank you.

Mrs Bowman


Home Learning – if needing to isolate due to Covid-19

We are providing ten days of home learning tasks for any child has to isolate at home due to Covid-19.  Work can be sent to your teacher through

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