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Year 3

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Spring term – Ancient Egyptians

This term year 3 will be exploring the exciting topic of the Ancient Egyptians. We will take a journey down the Nile exploring how important it is to the people of Egypt and how the water gives life to the barren landscape. The children will be persuading the Egyptian government whether it is a good idea to dam the Nile and learning how to transport water from the Nile to the fields by designing a Shaduf. We will be discovering the many different God and Goddesses and the people who worshipped them, creating a script from an Ancient Egyptian myth. We will be ending the term by exploring the true story of the discovery of Tutankhamen inspiring a piece of narrative writing from the point of view of someone who was there at the time. Later in the term there will be an exciting announcement about a once in a lifetime trip!

Further details about Year 3

Throughout the year, we will be working closely with Year 4 in both our Topic and English lessons.  Our guided reading book is Tilly and the Time Machine by Adrian Edmondson.
Monday  – Spelling test and folder into school
                   PE kit into school  (PE lesson is on a Tuesday and Friday afternoon)
Tuesday –
Thursday- Learning Log homework into school
Friday     – PE kit home
Water bottles, reading books and reading records need to come in and out every day. As we try to help the children become more independent, please encourage them to be responsible for their belongings and for remembering what they need to bring to school.
In addition to the weekly spellings, every few weeks I will be testing the children on Year 2 Common Exception words (there is a list in their spelling folder) and on current topic words. Please take any opportunity you can to play practical spelling and maths games with your child. These will really support your child’s learning in school.
Finally, I would be very grateful if you would listen to your child read as often as possible. Whilst it is great if they want to read independently, it is still so important for them to read to you to develop fluency and expression and to be give the opportunity to talk about what they have read. Please use the questions in the front of their Reading Record as a guide.
Mrs Chaplin