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Year 2

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Autumn TermFamous People and Inventors 

The children will be going back in time for our Autumn term, discovering how the world today came to be by looking at several famous inventors and their inventions. Leonardo Da Vinci will begin our journey and the children will learn about his incredible ideas and how he is still, to this day, a significant individual. We will document our research chronological, comparing inventions and many other inventors.  Art and Design Technology will drive the first half term.  Children will use Da Vinci’s paintings and sketches to enhance their own skills and influence their ideas.  They will create short stories, fact-files and instructions about inventors and inventions.  History and Science will lead us following half term.  Children will focus on female scientists, for example, Mary Anning and Ada Lovelace and learn about how their achievements have impacted the world. 

Further details about Year 2

Year 2 concludes the children’s Key Stage 1 education and is taught by Miss Holdford and Miss Harrison and is supported by Miss Davis. We have paired classes in Key Stage 1, where Year 2 and Year 1 will have the opportunity to learn together.  This gives Year 2 the chance to reinforce their understanding by supporting and guiding the Year 1 children.  We enjoy shared history, art and design technology and English lessons, amongst others.

In Year 2 the children will be increasing their independence and they will take a more active role within the Infant site. Children help with snack time, water bottles, playground equipment and many more jobs.  These jobs are changed weekly so that everyone can have a chance.

Key class routines


Your child’s spelling folder is given to them on a Monday and they need to bring it back into school on Friday of the same week, for our spelling test.

Reading books:

The days allocated for changing our reading books are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  However, children can change a book early if they have finished it.

Learning Logs and MyMaths:

Learning logs are sent home every other week for your child to complete a task linked to the topic they have been given.  In the week which your child does not bring their learning log home, they will have MyMaths homework.

All homework is given out on a Thursday and expected to be completed by the following Wednesday.


Children visit the library every other week, giving them two weeks to enjoy their library book.

PE days:

Our PE days are Thursdays and Fridays during the Autumn term.

Assessment in Year 2:

At the end of Key Stage 1 children sit SATs tests, to benchmark where they are, ready for entering the Key Stage 2 phase of education at the Junior site.  The final judgement of individual attainment at the end of Key Stage 1 does not rely solely on their SAT results, but on the teacher’s judgement of your child as a whole, including the learning they have seen throughout the year within the classroom.

Miss Holdford

Year 2 News

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