Dear Diary,  

Today has been quite possibly one of the best days of the year! I woke up an hour earlier than I should have and quickly got dressed. I couldn’t wait for the week to come! 

As my friends and I arrived at school, lugging our heavy suitcases behind us, we started chatting excitedly about the residential. Soon enough, the coach had arrived and we were starting the journey to Willersley Castle. I sat next to Milly and we mainly played cards. She taught me the game Blink and I taught her Black Jack. For lunch, we all stopped at Beacon Hill and walked up to see the amazing view. After that, we continued our bus journey and after an hour or two, we had arrived at the castle! 

When we got off the bus, Bob, with the amazing socks (who was actually called Tristan), put us into dorms. I was overjoyed when I was put in the same room as Milly, Sophie, Holly, Freya and Martha! As our bags were taken up in the lift, we sprinted up to Room 20! The beds were creaky but comfy. Then the fire drill sounded and we all went outside but Holly was on the toilet when it went off! Afterwards, we quickly unpacked our bags and went downstairs to our first activity. Our instructor -whom we called Bush Goblin- took us down to do Manor Olympics. It was basically just fun games. Next, we went rock climbing with Bob and someone called Raven. It was so epic!  It wasn’t just a usual climbing wall: it was an actual crag with grips on it! I loved it! Then, it was time for our first meal at Willersley Castle!  

As we joined the queue, a sweet aroma greeted us and wafted through the air. We all piled our plates high as the warm, cheesy lasagne dripped off the serving spoon. After we had eaten as much as we could, we went into the common room, a big empty space, until about 9.00pm. Then, we went up to our dorm, had showers -which Sophie and Freya had limited to 2 minutes- and then chilled out. I won’t be getting a decent night’s sleep tonight: I’m too excited for tomorrow’s activities! 

By Mary