On Monday the 27th of June we went to Lord Williams’s Upper School and completed a Science Day. We participated in many activities. We were split into different groups: Year 6, Sophie and Finley, Year 5, Genevieve and Oscar, Year 3 and 4, Ethan and James, Year 1 and 2, Martha, Theo, Adam and Clara. 

The activities included a planetarium which was much bigger than the one at school, although not as dark. We had a competition to design a marble run which transported the marble in the slowest time possible the end of the track. Overall, Genevieve and Oscar came first with a grand total of 9 seconds; Oscar was so proud of their flawless design he took it home!                                                                              

One of the most popular activities was making electricity out of lemons which was very fascinating. In the afternoon, we were taught by a visitor from the Natural History Museum to teach us about insects. A boy in our class was very knowledgeable about insect and was correcting everyone! We even got to go out and use specialist equipment to collect insects: we found a click beetle!                                                                                                        

In conclusion we had a very enjoyable day and hope this will continue for other students. 

By Sophie and Finley, year 6