Year 6 Leavers’ Poem 2020

What a year it has been for you,

My fantastic Year 6 crew.

We had plans and intentions.

Lots of things to do.

From learning about algebra, ratio, SPaG,

To using the subjunctive mood – we had that in the bag!

Yet, as you often find in life,

We were all put to the test…

Just not the normal SATs-y kind,

A strange, abnormal quest.

Schools were sent to lockdown

And were sadly closed for most.

Of all our priorities,

Your safety was utmost.

Your world was sent askew

And your lives changed overnight.

Yet, acting for the greater good,

You did what’s just and right.

It’s been so hard – we all know that.

I’m so proud of what you’ve shown

When facing such adversity

Unlike you’ve ever known.

We are in a time in history

That will be on the shelves:

A tale to tell your grandchildren

that included all of ourselves.

A spell when you were in Year 6

And had to leave your friends

To keep all of your loved ones safe

And bring this to an end.

They’ll look at you like heroes-

The sort I know you are:

You’re warriors; you’re brave,

Young things,

You’re bright and dazzling stars.

And, though we’ve had to part now,

In unexpected ways,

We still have all the memories of countless fun school days.

Remember cheers on Sports Days

And trips to near and far.

Remember celebration assemblies

And learning to build a car.

Remember all the playtimes

And running on the grass.

But most of all remember

How you are valued in this class.

As I look back in the future,

I’ll think of you all and smile;

The class who showed resilience

And went the extra mile.

So, though it’s time to say goodbye,

Just know it’s not the end.

We’ll live on in your memories

As special Year 6 friends.

Mrs Bowman