Foundation class had a fun-packed week of learning and making memories. Miss Webb reported:

The focus has been:  How birthdays are celebrated in different families. We worked together to plan and create a party for Sam, our class puppet. Mrs Smith transformed our role play area into a fantastic party shop which has proved very popular with the children. In Funky Fingers and during choosing time the children have made repeating pattern decorations and lots of cards. We went on to bake some cakes for Sam’s birthday. The children measured, mixed, poured and whisked to make the mixture. We let the cakes cool and went on to ice and decorate them with a repeating pattern, consolidating our learning from last week. They looked amazing!

In maths we started by looking at number one. This was very successful for developing the children’s reasoning and understanding of what one is. Now the children are confident to explain what one is, it will help them to build on this when explaining what two or three means. This is all part of the mastery approach and subsidising- recognising amounts without counting. Norma, the number fairy left us some messages explaining how we needed to find lots of ‘ones’ all around us and put them into her number basket. She said if we could do this she would use the power of one to transform me into Number One. There were some special words to do with number one and as the children said them and I burst through the door, transformed into number block one. We went on to explore numbers two and three- using our eyes to notice the parts of two and three.