Missing Hamster

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Missing Hamster

Year 3 in Cuddington and Dinton school (Junior site) found a hamster. They found it at 10.50am on Tuesday 28th April 2015. A member of the class, Ella, found the hamster in the staff room along with some lettuce and a carrot. The hamster was in a turquoise ball and it was brown, black and white. It is very energetic and sometimes sleeps in the day.

When they told Mrs Pearce, a teacher at that school, she didn’t believe them until she saw it with her own eyes.

It doesn’t bite much but does like to walk on a hand.

They got a cage from John, a local shop keeper, to help it stay alive.

Do you think it is yours? If not please try to help us find the owner.

Even though he loves his ball, he does find it a bit annoying when he is stuck.

His nose is pale pink.

Surprisingly, Mrs Price, the Head Teacher got exciting news from Oakley School. It was from the lady who works in the office there.

The Year 3 class have questioned some teachers but none of them know anything about it. It was first seen at breakfast club, a morning club, by Mrs Gallienne, Year 3’s TA. At the Junior School, the person in the office said they didn’t know anything about it but they looked suspicious.

You can call the school if you know anything about it.

(Report by Oliver – Year 3)