Making Crystal Palace

On Friday the 10th of January 2020, the Year 5’s and Year 6’s made a model of The Crystal Palace out of two simple materials; wooden poles and elastic bands.

Starting Off

First of all, each child was given 6 small wooden poles and several elastic bands. With these, each one of us made our miniature pyramids, which were approximately thirty-five to forty centimetres tall, going through several stages led by the architect teaching us how to make the structure. These tiny but unbelievably strong and indestructible pyramids started of as basic tripods.

Next, we got into groups of four, and were given more elastic bands. We stacked three of the four pyramids together to make a base of a larger tetrahedron, but instead of using the fourth to complete the structure, we dismantled it and collected three metre long poles. Attaching these poles to the tetrahedron base instead of the forth pyramid, we used all twelve of these group structures.

Coming together

After making the twelve strange pyramids, we proceeded to create six squares, made of elastic bands and two metre poles. After this, we tied them all together to make a huge roof base for our creation. To make the design really come together (with much help from the architect!), we made six or seven arches and tied them to the roof base, which completed the separate parts of the structure; all that was left to do now was put it together.

Finishing off

Working as a team, the whole group, except twelve students, lifted up the roof structure and held it ready. Meanwhile, the spare twelve of us were each given one of the pyramid designs we had made earlier, and divided into three groups; left, right and middle. The ones in the middle had to be shorter as the middle of the creation drooped the most. These pyramid-like columns, when slotted in to place, held up our design. Finally, it was complete and looked stunning!

By Daisy Potts