What a wonderful day at the Making of Harry Potter Studios! The children were completely entranced from the moment we arrived and were still buzzing the following day. It was immensely inspirational for them to see one of the most iconic series of children’s books brought to life. All of the groups (and adults!) had the opportunity to fly on a broom and pose for a photo while sporting a Hogwarts cloak…how exciting! Some of the children were lucky enough to have a discussion with one of the actual prop makers; they learned about the technicalities of having to make several copies of each prop in case the actors sat on them! Despite several arachnophobes, we managed to survive the walk through The Forbidden Forest and even stood to watch as huge spiders descended from their webs… One of the highlights has to be when the children viewed Gringott’s bank both in its full glory and after (no spoilers!).

During the visit, the children were excellently behaved and served as suitable ambassadors for our school. We are sure they will look back on the visit with fond memories for many years.