Walk like an Egyptian

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Walk like an Egyptian

Following several weeks of research, project management and creating, Years 3 and 4 enjoyed their Ancient Egyptian Day on Thursday. Dressed in brilliantly inventive costumes, the morning was spent preparing a cooking a variety of foods that became the lunch-time feast; home made humous, cous cous (with the all important pomegranates), flat breads, chicken and vegetable kebabs, vegetable sticks and natural yogurt with honey and dates for dessert. Some children were heard to say it was just like being on Ancient Egyptian Junior Masterchef!

The afternoon was spent with both classes setting up their individual activities which they as a team had devised, followed by a free-flow session where the children could visit any activity they chose, each one having a uniquely Ancient Egyptian element at its core; A collage of the River Nile and some pyramids, Egyptian themed face art, mummification, the grain game, pyramid building, hieroglyphics code breaking and Egyptian jewellery. The maps created by the poster team ensured smooth running of the afternoon.

Well done to everyone (including parents for costume help!). The enthusiasm of both children and staff was second to none. What a fantastic day.