On Monday 18th March, the school choir experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity when they performed at The Royal Albert Hall in London.  The choir had to practice extremely hard to memorise seven different songs, not including the breathtaking final piece!

When we arrived we saw a mountainous orange building, which seemed quite small from the outside.  But when we stepped inside, we realised how vast this famous building actually was.  We had to climb up and down several flights of stairs- our legs were starting to ache before we even started performing!  Whilst listening to the other half of the schools choirs practice, we spotted an old school friend which cheered us up before went had our turn on stage to practice.

Now, for the most important part:  the performance.  We were singing from high up in the choir stalls (next to the giant organ), looking upon 5,000 people which formed to colossal crowd.  Whilst we were singing, pictures flashed up on the screen, symbolising the different songs we sang.  We loved hearing the crowd cheer and shout for us!  The two choirs swapped for the second half, meaning we sat and watched from the stalls.  The second performance was a huge opera with even a pair guest singers from the Glyndebourne opera.

To conclude this adventure, we travelled home by coach, with many of us falling happily asleep!

By Jemima and Olivia year 5