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Medieval Day with Year 1 and 2.

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Medieval Day with Year 1 and 2.

Years I and 2 have enjoyed a wonderful end of term as their topic finale on ‘Castles’.  On Monday they went to Warwick Castle and spent the day scaling the battlements, exploring the gaol and learning about life in Medieval times.

Hear thee! Hear thee! Years 1 and 2 then had the most wonderful Medieval Day in school.  The children came dressed in Medieval costumes ranging from Kings, Queens, Knights, Lords and Ladies, Squires, pages, wenches, maids and peasants.  The children created their own coat of arms and used miniature jousting lances to make fruit kebabs.  A magnificent banquent was prepared and Mrs Chaplin declared the King and Queen (Charlie and Millie (Yr2)) of the day and crowned them in regal style. The Prince and Princess (Henry and Rosie (Yr1)) then joined the King and Queen at the top table while their courtiers joined them in the banqueting hall.  The children had bread plates and ate an assortment of ‘medieval food’.  It was a fabulous day with everyone having lots of fun.

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