We enjoyed being Headteacher for the day. Our first job was to welcome people at the gate, ring the bell and call everyone to their lines. We then spoke to Mrs Price about the jobs planned for the day. Then it was assembly time: we sat on the teachers chairs and at the end gave out tech badges to some year 6 pupils. Next we had to do a learning walk. Before being a headteacher, we had no clue what a learning walk was but now we know that you go into the classrooms and look at their display boards. It was really fun but quite difficult as we weren’t used to doing it. In the middle of our walk we had to meet with the school counsellors and a man called Sam to talk about new play equipment. We have £9000 to spend and we still don’t know what to have yet but were thinking about Monkey bars or maybe a wobbly bridge.

After that we had the import role of being on break duties and believe me, a lot of injuries occur! Then it was our turn for a break with Mrs Price in the staff-room. We had some squash (definitely a bonus)and were able to chat to Mrs Price about what had happened so far. We then finished our learning walk on the Juniors and drove over to the Infants. We had a lunch there and then returned to the Juniors for our 2nd lunch! (another bonus). I carried on being headteacher for an hour in the afternoon too.  We had a wonderful day!