On Thursday the 14th of march, we played a boy’s football match against Quainton. This was a league match and was a tough team to beat.

First Quainton scored from the edge of the box and bounced off the post into the goal. This made the game 1-0 to Quainton.

Then Blayne was excellent and dribbled through all their defenders and tied the match 1-1. After that, Raph received an excellent ball from Drew and he dribbled all the way into the box and scored the goal bottom right to make it 2-1. Then Blayne pelted a shot in the box in the  bottom right corner to make it 3-1. Again Raph dribbled through the whole defence and smashed it in the bottom right corner. That made it 4-1. At the end of the match Ned sent an amazing corner inside the box and the keeper knocked it in. That made it 5-1. Then the final whistle blew.

Well done to Freddie for his amazing saves and keeping us in the game. Along with George and Ned who were very great up front. Well done to Jackson C and Drew, our main defenders for deflecting many shots and tackling many people. Well done to Blayne, Jackson T and Rory our midfielders for giving 100% throughout the whole game. Congratulations to Samuel for his debut game against Quainton, he was incredibly good and put in loads of effort until the end. Thanks to Mrs Brogan for supporting ad cheering us on on the side line  and Mr Peaks for supporting us on the pitch. Along with Mrs Wilde who came to watch us play and cheered us on throughout the whole game. Congratulations to the player of the match, Jackson C!

Match report by Ned, Blayne and Jackson C.