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Music Curriculum

Within school, music is an area of the curriculum where enthusiasm is high amongst the pupils. The choir currently has a membership of approximately 50 children with a mix of boys and girls from years 3-6. As a group we attempt to take part in wider activities involving massed choirs on a bi-yearly basis. This year we will be singing at an event based in Wembley Arena, previously having sung at The Royal Albert Hall. The children enjoy the larger events but are also keen to find opportunities to perform within school at concerts, shows, assemblies or in class music lessons.

An ensemble group meet weekly for an after school club and are currently tackling some challenging material involving famous pieces of classical music by notable composers. Although the group is currently quite small, what we lack in terms of numbers we make up for with enthusiasm and a determination to succeed. The children arrive willing to tackle whatever music they are given, even if in several cases this means they need to learn how to play new notes at the rehearsal!

Instrumental Lessons

Within school, we have a dedicated team of private music teachers who visit us on a weekly basis to provide individual and small group lessons on a variety of musical instruments. These lessons are provided on a private basis and all parents have direct contact with the relevant teacher, payments being made without the involvement of the school. We facilitate the lessons taking place during the school day whilst ensuring the children do not miss the same class activity each week. Lessons are either of 20 or 30 minutes duration, dependent upon your preference.

The instruments we currently offer are flute, clarinet, oboe, piano, trumpet, French horn and drums. We would be keen to add additional instruments to our provision list if the demand for lessons was high enough and a suitable teacher is available.

If you would like more information about instrumental lessons within school, please contact the school office.