Religious Education at Cuddington and Dinton


As a Church of England School, the Christian faith is the foundation of everything that we do. In Religious Education, we aim to fulfil our school vision ‘Let your Light shine’ (Matthew 5:16) through a high-quality RE curriculum, which inspires children’s curiosity and investigation into people’s beliefs and worldviews. Teaching will enable children to understand the diverse nature of belief, the history behind those beliefs and how they are put into practice around the globe. Pupils develop their own sense of identify and belonging in order to understand how their beliefs and worldviews will enable them to be part of a global community.

As pupils progress, children will deepen their knowledge and understanding of Christianity, other principal world religions, religious traditions and worldviews, which offer answers to ultimate questions around the meaning of life, morality, existence and God. Religious knowledge, understanding and skills provide the framework and approaches that explain: what people believe; how they put their beliefs into practice and how their beliefs affect their reasoning.