History at Cuddington and Dinton


At Cuddington and Dinton C of E, we provide a high-quality history education, inspiring pupils curiosity and fascination about their world (local, national and worldwide). The curriculum will give pupils knowledge and skills to help them understand chronologyimpact and influence of significant historical figures, change and continuity, similarity and difference, cause and effect, bias and fact; all which help develop their sense of self in a historical context. Teaching equips pupils with the skills to interpret history through historical enquiry, questioning, research and evaluation of historical sources and first-hand experiences (where possible).  

Underpinning all topics is a desire to explore concepts that are unfamiliar and to them to develop a deeper understanding (eg refugees and migration) and to understand the multicultural nature of our society (study of Aylesbury and historical study of Benin). The school values will play a significant part in understanding complex historical concepts by giving children the knowledge and understanding of our values and using them in a historical context. 

Through history teaching, we want children to be curious and interested in historical events. We want them to use knowledge previously learnt to develop their own views which are backed up by historical knowledge. 

 In summary, ‘a people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots’. Marcus Garvey