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The School Council is a valued part of the children’s involvement in running the school and incorporating their ideas into our ongoing development. Regular meetings with staff, each other and their classes provides a clear pupil voice regarding all aspects of our pupil’s learning and experience in school. The children feel the School Council:

  • represents the views of the children in the school.
  • suggest ideas of how school life can be improved.
  • is ‘fantastic, terrific, great, brilliant, marvellous and wowzers!’

The representatives have also reflected upon their experiences so far…

Elsie said, “I was really excited when Mrs Place told me I was chosen”.

Archie thinks School Council is important because, “I get to help and do lots of important things”.

Greta thinks School Council is fun because, “we get to do special things like decorate the Christmas tree and do cake sales”.

Casper said, “I was really happy when I was voted in”.

Naomi said, ” I was so excited when my friends voted for me as School Councillor”.

Ethan said, “I did School Council at my old school but then I left so it is nice to get to do it properly here”.

Fleur said, “I like being on School Council because they are people who go to cool places”.




Kai said, “I think School Council is important because if we didn’t we wouldn’t have computers, iPads, benches or even the playground”.

Alice said, “I wanted to be in School Council to make the school a better place and represent my class”.

Ella said, “”.

Carla said, “When I was chosen to be School Council I felt extremely happy and full of joy. I knew I would have to work hard as it is an opportunity I might not get again”.

Adam wanted to be on the School Council because, “I always like to help people when they are upset and I think I have lots of good ideas to help the school”.

Eliza said, “I wanted to go on School Council because I wanted to show myself and everyone else how I can make the school a better environment”.

Harry said, “When I was voted to be a School Councillor I felt really happy and this was one of the happiest moments of the year so far”.