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We are proud that our school maintains close links with its communities.

In addition to our very strong links with both St Nicholas’ and SS Peter & Paul’s churches, we keep close links with our Parish Council’s, both of which have websites:

Thame Book House

Due the fire at our Junior site we lost all library books provided for our older children. Thame Book House have very generously worked with us and our parents to provide outstanding reading materials.

Cuddington Christmas Fayre

The raffle at the Christmas Fayre was kindly organised to support the children at our school and raised £100. A big thank you to Maggie and Rosemary for facilitating this.

Chearsley PCC

Thank you to the Reverend Cannon John Wynburn and the trustees of Chearsley PCC for donating £1000 to the Junior Rebuild fund.

Dinton Fete

A big thank you to Sylvia and the Dinton Fete Committee for their donation £500 towards the Junior Rebuild fund.

Flower procession

Flower procession

The Infant children process around Cuddington village in May and present home-picked bunches of flowers to parishioners.

Potato competition

Potato competition

The school takes part in Cuddington Gardening Club’s annual “Murphy” potato growing competition.

Christmas tree

Christmas tree

The Infants provide decorations for the Christmas tree which the Parish Council errects on the village green.