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Friends for Cuddington and Dinton School is a dynamic and thriving PTA. The charity is well supported by all the parents and staff and has the following objectives:

  • To raise funds for those extras and essentials that make school life brighter for our children.
  • To raise awareness of the school in the local community through events and communication.
  • To support staff and pupils by providing extra activities throughout the year for the children that are run by the committee.

F4CADS fundraising has also helped to pay for a wide variety of other extras for School including refurbishment of the Foundation Play Area, new iPads, developing the Pond area on the Junior site, as well as giving every teacher a small cash injection for their classrooms.

Fundraising in the forthcoming year will focus on raising more money to help with building improvements.

Friends for Cuddington & Dinton School is a registered Charity No. 1035146