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Year 4

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Spring term – Ancient Egyptians

This term year 4 will be exploring the exciting topic of the Ancient Egyptians. We will take a journey down the Nile exploring how important it is to the people of Egypt and how the water gives life to the barren landscape. The children will be persuading the Egyptian government whether it is a good idea to dam the Nile and learning how to transport water from the Nile to the fields by designing a Shaduf. We will be discovering the many different God and Goddesses and the people who worshipped them, creating a script from an Ancient Egyptian myth. We will be ending the term by exploring the true story of the discovery of Tutankhamen inspiring a piece of narrative writing from the point of view of someone who was there at the time. Later in the term there will be an exciting announcement about a once in a lifetime trip!

Further details about Year 4

Throughout the year, we will be working closely with Year 3 in both our Topic and English lessons giving the children responsibility in supporting their younger peers. For guided reading this term, we will be reading the Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll, an exciting, accessible history story based on historically accurate events. In Science this term, we will be lighting a spark by diving into electricity with a focus on circuits and safety. Our topic in RE we will be looking at the Holy Journey made by believers, and exploring the reasons for those journeys.

In year 4, one of our key focuses is on their times tables. We will be using Times Table Rock Stars in class to help support their learning of all the times tables up to 12 X 12. Like My Maths, they can access their accounts at home, and we would like them to be practising these as much as possible on top of their normal homework.

Important things to remember and when:

Monday – PE kit into school (PE lesson Tuesday and Friday afternoons)

Tuesday – Spellings

Thursday – Learning Log homework into school

Everyday items include water bottle, reading diary and reading book and fruit or veg for playtime.  

We ask that you read with you your child as much as possible, using the guided reading questions in the front of their books to aid discussion. If you can then comment in their reading diaries on how they have done, and this will be checked each morning so that we can make sure everyone has been heard in the week.

Mr Mackreill