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Autumn Term- Toys Through Time

During the Autumn term, Year 2’s learning will be based around the topic ‘Toys through Time’. We have started the year by looking at a short story called ‘My Favourite Game’ by Harriet Muncaster, which has been published on the National Literacy Trust’s website in ‘The Book of Hopes’. The children have become fully invested in it already and have thoroughly enjoyed making their own bear or doll. They’ve even created a birth certificate for them! The next step… an adventure!

As the term progresses, we will continue to enjoy a range of books about toys and even make our own mode of transport. We will travel back in time to research toys of the past and discuss how they were suited for the time. Through our research, we will see how toys are adapted to lifestyles and we will look into the future to predict where our timeline of toys will go next.

Year 2 information

Please find below the key information about Year 2 this year. Year 2 is taught by Miss Holdford and supported by Mr Messenger.


Spelling folders are no longer being sent home. Our spelling lists will be given out, every Friday, via this page and can be found at the bottom. We will then do our spelling test on the following Friday. Spelling tests will be carried out in a book in school. We will not be in a position to send home a record of their score each week, although of course, your child should be able to tell you. Please encourage them to put the words into sentences so that they begin to understand definitions and context. This should aid long term recall of the spelling.

Your child will be put into a spelling group. To find out which group they are in, please look at the front of their learning log. The children will then need to practise the correct spellings for their group, ready for their test.


In phonics, we assess the children and group them according to their phonics knowledge. We will be following Phase 5 and 6 from Letters and Sounds which will combine phonics, reading and spelling rules.

Reading books

Your child will choose three reading books every Friday to bring home. They will have these books for a week and can choose new ones on the following Friday. When the reading books come back into school, they will be ‘quarantined’ before they are put back into the system.

We will not be using Reading Records this term, but we would be grateful if you would try and read with your child as much as possible. This continues to be extremely important and will support all aspects of their learning.

Guided Reading

During Guided Reading we cover many areas of reading. The children will not only work on their word reading skills but will develop their understanding of texts. To do this they will read 1:1, in groups and take part in whole class discussions. I will listen to every child 1:1 at least once a week.

Please get in contact if you would like any further information about how you can support your child in reading.

Learning Logs and MyMaths

Homework will alternate between a learning log task and MyMaths. Your child will bring their learning log home every other week and during the week they do not, they will have MyMaths tasks. This means that we can ‘quarantine’ the Learning Logs for at least 72 hours before we look at them and then send them home again.

The learning logs are used at home but still follow the expectations of work completed within the classroom. Your child should use a pencil to write with and their work should be completed neatly and carefully. We want the children to feel proud of the work they do at home.

All homework will go home on a Friday and will need to be completed by the following Thursday.


PE kits need to come into school on a Monday and will be sent home on a Friday to be washed. PE is taught by our sports coach, Mr Messenger, and our PE days are Mondays and Thursdays during the Autumn term.

Please ensure all PE kit is clearly named. In KS1 we often have items of clothing that go missing; having clearly named items makes it a lot easier for us to ensure that this doesn’t happen.


We hope to be able to take Year 2 swimming for a term during this academic year. You will be notified about this as soon as we know more.

Assessment in Year 2

At the end of Key Stage 1 the children will be sitting their SATs to benchmark where they are, ready for entering the Key Stage 2 phase of their education. The final judgement at the end of Key Stage 1 does not rely solely on your child’s SAT results, but on the teacher’s judgement of your child as a whole, including the learning they have seen throughout the year within the classroom.

Miss Holdford

Remote Learning

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