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Summer term – Mini-beasts

This is a very exciting time in the year with so many changes happening around us with the ever-changing trees, flowers, and new life.  So, with that in mind we will be doing lots of observing.

As a first-hand experience we will observe caterpillars as they change and develop into butterflies and will release the butterflies at the end of term.

We will go on a mini-beast hunt around the school grounds with bug finders and magnifying glasses to look at them closely.  We will do lots of creative crafts such as making blossom trees and caterpillars.

We will look at seeds and what they need to grow and do a class diary of beans and sunflowers that we will plant and observe noting the changes throughout the term.

This term we will introduce guided reading, where the children read a book together in groups and start to look at some new skills for reading.  For example, speech marks, exclamation marks, commas, and full stops. It is an exciting part of the children’s reading journey.  We will also continue looking at our phonics with the introduction of trigraphs (a sound with three letters).

In maths we will be looking at numbers to 20 and beyond, adding and subtracting, spatial reasoning, doubling, grouping, and sharing.

Mrs Harvey


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