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Year 4

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Land Army: Radishes update.

2018-06-21T13:54:59+00:00 21st June, 2018|Home, News, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6|

The Land Army has had a fruitful harvest as we dug up more potatoes and 3 radishes. One was quite a whopper! Five courgette plants were planted today along with some sweetcorn and broccoli. Many thanks to the Chantrey family, the Taylor family, Mrs Huxley and Mrs Clarke for their kind donations to our [...]

Land Army Update

2018-06-13T16:21:17+00:00 13th June, 2018|Home, News, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6|

The Land Army dug up their first crop of potatoes. After washing and cutting them carefully, we invited children from Spring's Land Army to join us in a roast potato feast. Everyone enjoyed the delicious taste of school-grown potatoes. Please continue to support us with donations of compost. Many thanks, Mrs Reed and Mrs [...]

A week of PE Enrichment.

2018-06-08T17:03:14+00:00 8th June, 2018|Foundation, Home, News, Sport, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6|

All children enjoyed an extra Physical Education lesson this week from a team of specialist sports coaches.  The Junior children tried their hand at fencing and archery.  The specialised kit helped pupils parry their foils (only foam!) and hit the bullseye with their bow. Whilst the Infant children enjoyed a musical theatre experience, learning [...]

HASP Dance Festival 2018

2018-06-03T15:48:47+00:00 3rd June, 2018|Home, News, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6|

Mrs Brogan and Miss Wootton's dance club enjoyed rapturous applause at HASP annual dance festival, performed at Haddenham St Marys Infant School.  The Junior dance club performed two routines, choreographed by our talented teachers.  Their smiling faces were evidence of just how much the children enjoyed the experience. Later in the week we heard [...]

Getting Creative in Year 3 and 4.

2018-05-11T17:00:35+00:00 11th May, 2018|Home, News, Year 3, Year 4|

Year 3 and 4 spent Friday afternoon crafting Mandrills and Baobab trees, following their trip to the Lion King. With access to a wide variety of materials, the children created some outstanding pieces of work in the short time provided and felt very proud of themselves. We hope the children come away feeling empowered [...]

Invaders and Settlers Topic Finale, Year 3 and 4.

2018-03-27T12:29:49+00:00 27th March, 2018|Home, News, Year 3, Year 4|

Today, Years 3 and 4 culminated their Invaders and Settlers topic with a jam-packed day of activities.  The children baked Anglo-Saxon cakes, wrote their names in Runes with sticks, wrote animal Kennings Riddles, and used natural objects to invent their own stories - retold with their story sticks.  In the afternoon, we welcomed parents [...]