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Stunning Dance club performance

2020-03-17T13:13:02+00:0017th March, 2020|Home, News, Sport|

The Junior children enjoyed a speculator dance show today.  The performers, from Mrs Brogan's dance club, were originally performing at the Grange School Dance Show on Thursday.  Unfortunately this has had to be cancelled, but the show must go on, and our KS2 pupils were amazed by the choreography and dance move of the [...]

Juniors make a splash at Aylesbury swimming gala

2020-03-11T14:26:36+00:0011th March, 2020|Home, News, Sport, Year 5, Year 6|

On 11th March Amelia, Jemima, Charlotte, James, Kit, Alfie and Jospeh all took part in a swimming competition at Stoke Mandeville stadium pool.  Everyone swam exceedingly well, even if it was their first ever swimming competition. In the girls medley relay (backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle) we made an excellent come back, achieving second place. [...]

Heading Guidelines from the FA.

2020-02-25T12:39:24+00:0025th February, 2020|Home, News, Sport|

Following an announcement on the news yesterday, we have contacted the FA for further guidance on the teaching of heading skills in PE and coaching sessions.  We are awaiting for approval of this guidance from Bucks County Council.  In this interim period we will follow this guidance.  Please click here the read the The [...]

Bucks Cross Country Finals at Stowe School

2020-02-07T16:09:22+00:007th February, 2020|Home, News, Sport, Year 6|

Last weekend saw the Buckinghamshire Schools Cross country race held at the beautiful venue of Stowe School.  Our school was represented by Joseph in Year 6 who really enjoyed the race; working really hard up a big hill and still managing a sprint finish!  He came 49th out of 123 which he was fairly [...]

New Sports Leaders Training day at Stoke Mandeville

2020-01-24T15:58:46+00:0023rd January, 2020|Home, News, Sport, Year 4, Year 5|

What a wonderful day we had at the Primary Leadership Camp at Stoke Mandeville stadium on Thursday.  Ross, Calli, Sophie, Gabriel and Mary from year 4, together with Henry, Betsy, Dylan W, Sam G and Emilia from year 5 were incredible representatives of the school. They learnt how to plan, organise and deliver fun, safe, accessible activities for Key stage 1 [...]

Gymnastics competition time!

2019-12-09T12:54:11+00:009th December, 2019|Home, News, Sport, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6|

Our Junior gymnastics squad took part in a competition against ten other local schools, at Stoke Mandeville stadium in Aylesbury last week.  A year 3/4 squad and a year 5/6 squad performed in two rounds each:  The 'vault; and either 'floor' or 'body conditioning' routines.  The children performed admirably, against some tough competition.  Our [...]

Skateboarding and Scooter success for skilful children!

2019-11-15T14:08:54+00:0015th November, 2019|Foundation, Home, News, Sport, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6|

Cosmin from Team rubicon came to visit the school today and ran a series of skateboard and scooter sessions with years 1 to 6.   The children loved the activities and even learnt some tricks!  Skateboarding and scootering is a great way to keep the children active, build confidence, build core strength, encourage learning and motivate healthy [...]

Double Fencing Champion!

2019-11-12T14:56:29+00:0012th November, 2019|Home, News, Sport, Year 5|

Congratulations to Lucas in year 5 who competed in two 'Epee Fencing' competitions this weekend.  Lucas had a packed weekend, first at the Cocks Moors Woods Fencing Club Epee Championship in Birmingham; followed by the Bucks, Berks & Oxon County Epee & Sabre Championship in High Wycombe. Lucas’ fencing was on top form, he [...]

Spectacular Sports day

2019-07-22T12:58:02+01:0022nd July, 2019|Foundation, Home, News, Sport, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6|

Sports day was for all children to enjoy both n0n-competitive sports in the morning, contrasting with a more traditional sports day in the afternoon.  The whole day of sporting events was held at the Junior site school field.  Thankfully the forecast rain didn't appear, leaving us to enjoy a perfect June day of sports. [...]

Cricket Tournament

2019-06-20T14:37:23+01:0020th June, 2019|Home, News, Sport, Year 5, Year 6|

This week saw the return of the annual Aylesbury primary school cricket tournament, held at our local club in Dinton.  Two teams represented Year 5 and 6- one girls and one boys.  Through the tournament one win was enjoyed by each team, followed by a few defeats.  Hopefully next year we will make the [...]