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A week of PE Enrichment.

2018-06-08T17:03:14+00:008th June, 2018|Foundation, Home, News, Sport, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6|

All children enjoyed an extra Physical Education lesson this week from a team of specialist sports coaches.  The Junior children tried their hand at fencing and archery.  The specialised kit helped pupils parry their foils (only foam!) and hit the bullseye with their bow. Whilst the Infant children enjoyed a musical theatre experience, learning [...]

May dancing in Cuddington.

2018-06-03T15:35:22+00:003rd June, 2018|Foundation, Home, News, Year 1, Year 2|

dancing y2 2018 1 Our traditional May dancing and singing was held on the final day of the half term.  The inclement weather did not stop our performance to parents, as we gathered in the Bernard Hall.  The children performed three Spring themed songs, followed by delightful traditional country dancing.  Polished performances [...]

Little Owls chicks have hatched!

2018-03-13T14:43:29+00:0013th March, 2018|Foundation, Home, News|

Great excitement in Little Owls today, as four chicks have hatched over night. Tomorrow they will be transferred to the brooder. The children said: "3 are yellow and 1 is speckled black, yellow and grey." "They are fluffy and cute." "They look quite big outside their eggs.' "3 haven't hatched yet.  There were 7 [...]

Little Owls celebrating Chinese new Year.

2018-02-22T12:34:51+00:0022nd February, 2018|Foundation, Home, News|

We celebrated Chinese New Year before half term.  We looked at the story of how the years were named and why and found out which year the children were born in.  We looked at Dragon boat racing, lighting lanterns, Dragon dancing and the food the Chinese eat to celebrate.  We also learned about the [...]

Good luck, Mrs Place!

2017-05-31T14:18:19+00:0031st May, 2017|Foundation, Home, News|

We are sending all our luck and best wishes to Mrs Place this week as she ventures throughout half term on her fundraising walk. There is still time to show your support for this very worthy cause at Family and friends saw Mrs Place off to a good start as you can see!