County Admissions Contacts

Over the last few months we have made some changes to how parents contact us. In order to help parents through the Admissions process. could you please ensure that your school website reflects these changes.

Since February, parents have no longer been able to call the Admissions & Transport team. If they dial 01296 383250 they will hear an automated message advising the parent to visit our website. If they dial the main BCC telephone number, an advisor will inform the parent to complete a Contact Us form. Can you please ensure that the Admissions & Transport telephone number is no longer published on your website

We advise parents wishing to contact us in the first instance, to use our Contact Us form. This provides us with all the information that we require to enable us to answer the parents enquiry promptly. Could you please replace our email address ( with the link to our Contact Us form

School Admissions

Starting school or moving up to junior school

Moving up to secondary school

Changing school in year

Admissions policies

Find my child a school place

If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks in advance, for your cooperation in this matter

Louise Leahy
Admissions Officer
Children’s Social Care & Learning
Tel 01296 382770